On this basic workshop, we start from scratch with throttle/clutch control, balance exercises, lifting techniques, braking exercises, cornering and riding up- and down-hills. We target this skills for riders intending to ride the large displacement adventure and off-road bikes. Each drill has an infinite level of difficulty, from mild to wild, and will help lift the rider’s skill level from the first demonstration. This workshop gives you the tools to safely operate a motorbike and advance to the next level and always at a comfortable level for you.
The specific exercises in the program including:
- Set-up of the motorcycle and riding position
- Balancing the motorcycle
- Lifting techniques
- Active riding position and balance while riding
- Throttle and clutch control, slow riding
- Emergancy braking. How to use front and rear brakes effectively
- Function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when?
- Momentum to create stability by using the throttle on loose gravel
- Off-road steering, how to make the bike go in the desired direction in the terrain
- Cornering & counter balancing
- Stopping on a slope. What to do, if you have to stop on a slope or if the motorcycle stalls
- Up- and down-hills
- Starting on a slope
You could bring your dualsport or adventure bike for roughly 1 day, improving your riding and safety skills with the coaches of Dirt and Adventure bike. This class will guide you through a series of fun skill building exercises to help unlock your potential, honing your skills and maximizing your fun at the rally and many miles to come.  
We believe you will learn more on a smaller and lighter bike, even if you intended goal is to become more proficient on the large adventure bike.
- Time: 9 am - 4 pm
- Every workshop will take in 1 day


+ Single ticket: 2,350,000 VND / day / pax
+ Team ticket: 20% discount for group of 3 pax registered
(Lunch and soft drink included)