Sand - Riding 03 - 04.02.2018

For the biker brothers again, the end of the year is the opportunity to go where you want, do things unfinished ... To end the old year with many emotions, Off-road school introductory program "Sand - riding skill" combines the end of the year with 2 days a night in Mui Dinh - Mui Yen (Ninh Thuan), promising to bring a lot of experience in handling motorcycles on the sand hill. The 800m "sand-riding skill" at Hai Dinh Mui Ne will be an interesting "challenge" for the biker brothers.

Not only that, Off-road school will take you through the rugged dirt roads between the plateau, across the windy desert to Mui Yen - Bau Trang; Enjoy the pristine beauty and gentle "enduro" experience before departing for Saigon.

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