Renting location for event

Do you have off-road vehicles, but Sai Gon's street does not meet your needs of off-road ?

You do not have a big bike, but are passionate about this car and want to find a safe and enjoyable playground, as well as off-road experiences with a variety of terrain?

Want to organize off-road events right in Saigon?

Located in district 9 with an area of ​​over 33,000 square meters, Offroad School is cherished as a top driving training school, as well as training the first large cylinder driver in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country of two wheels. Almost all of the population know how to drive a motorbike, so it is not difficult for Vietnamese to move from a motorcycle over 250cc. Vietnam is a country of adventure vehicles with the advantage of mountainous terrain that appeals to drivers who like to challenge, like terrain vehicles but need professional training. Have such an environment in Vietnam. Adventure culture, the speed culture, is not just about controlling the car, but rather the biker needs to be equipped with winding road handling skills, proper speed control, To maximize safety. Many bikers are still driving at high speeds without adequate protection, or handling dangerous roadblocks in the wrong way, leading to unfortunate accidents. Most of all, Offroad School also wants to bring a playground, training terrain vehicle with spectacular jumps, giving wings to those who love the terrain car is trained and become professional driver.

Offroad School, organized by Touratech Vietnam, based on the model and professional training program Touratech Rally - Germany popular and prestigious in developed countries, countries have played PKL, long terrain vehicle team. The program has been expanded and became a well-known program, with internationally-trained coaches. For the first time, Touratech Vietnam introduces this model, with the mission of building a healthy culture of speed, a professional driving environment for Vietnamese bikers.

In addition to the two courses: Basic (for newcomers to motorcycles) and advanced (for those who want to improve the skills of using and operating large displacement vehicles), we rent training area and motorcycle rental :

- Individuals / organization of training sessions or offroad competitions

- Provide BBQ and F & B services on demand

- Rental big bike used at Offroad school area

For further information please contact:

- Office: 224 Mai Chi Tho St., An Phu Ward, District 2

- Hotline: 028 3620 6677