Toan Bao Nguyen

"Ride is my life"

Over 10 years of conquering many kinds of motorcycle from Sport, Nake bike, motocross to Sport-Touring, Cruise, Adventure. This’s  the journey I have explored, learned as well as experienced the passionate of conquering massive motorbike

I have travel most of the way from North to South, touching the four poles of the Motherland Vietnam, neighbouring countries, on various types of Bike and many kinds of track. Along the way, in addition to Bikes are my companion , I also have close friends and my wife as well, they’re an integral part of all our journeys. As I see it, imparting the  inspiration, passion and driving skills are the missions that I need to do for everyone.

So I would like to share, convey my experiences, skills and passion to all those who wish to conquer the journey that I have experienced.

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